Youth Ambassador opportunity!

The search is on for young African food enthusiasts with a deep desire to change the way the world sees and consumes food. We, along with our partners in the AfriFOODLinks project, are calling on the power and voices of the youth, who have often been excluded from decision making, to share stories of theirContinue reading “Youth Ambassador opportunity!”

Job Opportunity: Communications & Events Officer

The ideal candidate for this exciting and challenging position has a gift for storytelling, a passion for people, and a commitment to community development. They will work happily with partners from across communities, across Africa and the globe, and thrive in the tension between in-person live events and carefully curated digital channels.

Going beyond World Food Day: Helpful ways to create a sustainable food system with good food for everyone

Following the recent global commemoration of World Food Day on 16 October the Food Dialogues encourages all South Africans to take actions that help create a sustainable food system with good food for everyone. Food Dialogues 2023 will give everyone an opportunity to engage further.

Laying the Table for a Better Food System

How are digital technologies disrupting our food system? What will be the impact of cultured meat? How has food shaped the spaces and places that define our city? These and other questions will be explored in Cape Town during the two-week 2022 Food Dialogues programme through a range of experiences: from expert panel discussions to hands-on cooking classes for grown-ups and kids, walking tours, communal meals and art installations, from Monday 18 July until Monday 1 August.

Call for Applications: GrowSA Green Economy Learnerships

The Grow SA Learnership is a 6 month long skills development and mentoring programme aimed at strengthening the grass roots green economy. The programme gives insight into a number of different industries through workshops and practical experience opportunities. These industries include urban farming, waste upcycling, community canteens/soup kitchens, food waste composting, fresh produce retail and theContinue reading “Call for Applications: GrowSA Green Economy Learnerships”

Contract Opportunity: Food Dialogues Event Project Manager

We’re hiring a part-time contract position for the Food Dialogues 2022! The Food Dialogues is an annual series of events bringing together diverse voices in an inclusive dialogue to foster a healthier, more resilient, and just food system. It provides an opportunity for food growers, academics, activists, writers, nutritionists, food lovers and anyone interested inContinue reading “Contract Opportunity: Food Dialogues Event Project Manager”

GrowSA Community Organiser Spotlight Podcasts

GrowSA Community Organiser Spotlight follows a cohort of experienced and proactive community members in Cape Town, South Africa, who are working to cultivate a food system that is more compatible with community needs. Each podcast episode features one member as they share their stories experiencing, learning about, and fighting food and nutritional insecurity in theContinue reading “GrowSA Community Organiser Spotlight Podcasts”