Environmental Entrepreneur Support Initiative (EESI)


Since 2019, the SA Urban Food & Farming Trust has been selected to run the Environmental Entrepreneur Support Initiative (EESI) programme of the Global Risk Governance Programme at the University of Cape Town. Undertaken in conjunction with the Mauerberger Foundation, EESI supports young leaders of exceptional ability who are already realising outcomes that advance environmental sustainability and who are at a point in their careers where they will benefit from support that enhances their leadership capacities. EESI selects an annual environmental focus, and since 2019 urban agriculture has been one of the selections, and the SAUFF Trust chosen to manage that focus area of the programme, with other organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund and Project 90 by 2030 managing other focus areas. 

The SAUFF Trust mentors an entrepreneur farmer and educator in their work helping public schools and community food gardens in under-resourced communities to improve their infrastructure and facilities, as well as their capacity to leverage food growing to help achieve their educational missions.

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