The SA Urban Food & Farming Trust is part of a green economy partnership called GrowSA, which works to unlock the human potential in South Africa’s grass roots green economy by investing in catalytic people within catalytic projects.

What GrowSA does:

  • Training, education, mentoring and support of people working in gardens, kitchens, hubs and markets
  • Establishment, upgrade, support and mentoring of gardens, kitchens, hubs and markets, and the connections between them
  • Partnerships, networks and engagements with like-minded organisations

Recent projects include:

A 6 month-long mentorship programme with participants from community kitchens and food gardens.

Listen to our podcast series to learn more about their stories and experiences.

Supply of humanitarian food relief and support of community kitchens (including one complete renovation) in Ward 55, Cape Town.

GrowSA partners include the SA Urban Food & Farming Trust, the Oranjezicht City Farm Market, Den Anker Restaurant, EcoBrick Exchange and Margolite Williams.

GrowSA is grateful for financial support from:

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