Lerotholi Food Garden


The SA Urban Food & Farming Trust partnered with the non-profit Masakhe Foundation to establish the Lerotholi Food Garden on a 2000m2 plot in the under-resourced community of Langa, Cape Town. Located in the heart of Langa, within the Langa Cultural Heritage Precinct, this food garden is being transformed from a site for seasonal, opportunistic food gardening to serve as a community resource, an educational space for food gardeners, local residents, school children and visitors to learn more about growing food, healthy food, our food system, and how they can become more involved, develop skills, and improve their health and nutrition.

It is becoming a beautiful and inspiring space that supports community-led commercial development along Lerotholi Street and provides a compelling event venue for artistic and cultural expression.

Located on adjacent sites, the Lerotholi Food Garden is a sister project to the Langa Agri/Food Hub, also undertaken in partnership with the Masakhe Foundation. The SA Urban Food & Farming Trust has committed to spend a combined R1.5 million for infrastructure and capital investment in the Langa Agri/Food Hub and Lerotholi Food Garden projects.

Location of the project site (green) within Langa (red)
Design co-created with the farmers.
Further design details