Recipes for Partnering now Available

A new guide to partnering has been launched, one of the outcomes of the Food Dialogues 2022 workshop, Recipes for Partnering, hosted by the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership (EDP), African Centre for Cities, and the Southern Africa Food Lab. The guide, Recipes for Partnering: Ingredients and methods for food system change in South Africa, is available for free download below.

Partnering and collaboration are essential elements for food system change, particularly in South Africa where the mandate for food is scattered across government departments, and the food system is largely driven by market forces rather than nutritional needs. There are also many competing approaches to addressing food security, which include providing food aid as a safety net to the poor, increasing food production, prioritising rural development, strengthening consumer agency and government regulation, and improving nutrition and diet.

There are many ways to partner, yet as with any recipe, a partnering process starts with the basics and can be adapted and improved over time. This guide includes four case studies highlighting key elements for success, along with six recommendations for improving the recipe in ways relevant to local context. We hope this guide provides inspiration and support for future collaboration. 

DOWNLOAD Guide – Digital version
DOWNLOAD Guide – Print version

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