Call for Applications: GrowSA Green Economy Learnerships

The Grow SA Learnership is a 6 month long skills development and mentoring programme aimed at strengthening the grass roots green economy.

The programme gives insight into a number of different industries through workshops and practical experience opportunities. These industries include urban farming, waste upcycling, community canteens/soup kitchens, food waste composting, fresh produce retail and the hospitality industry.

At its core the programme aims at building a sense of agency within community-minded individuals. While the candidates need to have started a project/farm/community initiative to be eligible to apply, we back the jockey (human) not the racehorse (project).

We have noticed that often passionate individuals who do important work need to diversify their income streams by broadening their offerings/business models.

The programme takes place at various venues across Cape Town and so a travel stipend is made available to the candidates. It is facilitated by a small team of business owners who offer their vast experience and access into their business operations in order to provide a working knowledge of their relevant industries.

While the course takes place over 6 months there are ‘onsite’ training days and self assignment days – the latter to be carried out by the candidates within their home/project environments. This structure allows the candidates to run their projects whilst undertaking the course.


This is not a job nor will the candidates receive any monetary income for attending it. All catering, communication and transport costs will however be provided for the workshops/on site course days.

Eligibility requirements

  • Candidates must have started a community project/urban farm/small business within the green economy
  • Candidates employed by another company must have permission to be available for all learnership activities and responsibilities
  • Candidates must have experience of gardening or running a soup kitchen with two contactable references to be able to vouch for their skill set and experience
  • Candidates must be available to travel (by own or public transport) to the training venues through the 6 month period
  • Candidates to be fluent in English
  • Candidates who wish to increase their urban farming skills need to have long term (minimum 5 years) access to at least 500 square meters of secure land with water rights and a written contract to illustrate this access.
  • Candidates who wish to increase their ability to run a soup kitchen/community canteen need to have access to a kitchen which could comfortably cater for 50 people for a period of 5 years and have a written contract to vouch for this access.
  • Must be available to start the programme in June 2022.
  • Candidates must be willing to support their teammates and to attend voluntary events/project activations/gardening days

Application requirements

  1. A form of identification
  2. Letter of motivation of at least two a4 pages describing why they want to attend, the nature of the project/business/urban farm and what they aim to get out of such a programme
  3. Photos of their community project/business/product range/urban farm
  4. A photo of themselves
  5. A contactable reference who will be able to motivate why they might be a good fit for the programme

All of the above are to be submitted via email to by close of business on the 8th of June 2022.

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