Youth Ambassador opportunity!

The search is on for young African food enthusiasts with a deep desire to change the way the world sees and consumes food. We, along with our partners in the AfriFOODLinks project, are calling on the power and voices of the youth, who have often been excluded from decision making, to share stories of their food systems, engage decision makers in debate, and create the food-world of their dreams.

Here’s your chance to be part of a Pan-African network of food system game-changers who will revive the interest in food in our African cities and communities. Produce stories, host activations, engage on social media and be the change!

If you are age 18-30, reside in Cape Town, have a following of 5000+ across social channels and have a proven passion for food, the environment and cities, please apply! Stipend of 3000 euro per annum for 3 years provided.

Terms of Reference | Application

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