Share your food culture: bring a plate of food to the Food Dialogues

Bring your own plate of food to the virtual table as part of the “Dialogues through Food.”

Three amazing chefs – Mokgadi Itsweng,  Khanya Mzongwana and Jane Nshuti – will bring their own plates of home-cooked food to the table to share as part of a must-see live panel discussion on 22 September, moderated by writer, journalist and food activist, Ishay Govender. They will discuss the meals they are serving – ingredients, recipes, methods, links to history, heritage and the environment, at what occasion they might serve it, and so on –  to help us think more deeply and broadly about the food we eat, share, choose, prefer and celebrate. They will also reflect on what each “reads” from the plates of the others, how they personally might relate to the meal, highlight differences and similarities, imagine what collaborations (cooking together) might result in, and conclude with a reflection on our food culture.

We want you to contribute to the dialogue too!

How to participate:

  • Take pictures or a video of a plate of homecooked food you have prepared, and share them via Instagram or Twitter between 6 and 30 September 2021.
  • Include your thoughts on how it reflects your own food culture and how that is connected to the broader South African food culture.
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #FooddialogueSA and tag @food_dialogues
  • Feel free to do more than one!

Food Dialogues and the chefs will share and celebrate these contributions, including curating and sharing a collection that reflect the broad diversity of elements that make up our food culture, as well as those with deep or unexpected insights worth amplifying.

Be sure to catch the live panel discussion on 22 September 2021 from 10h00 – 11h30 CAT. It’s free to register and watch at You can ask your own questions and contribute to the event in real time. If you miss it – or want to watch it again – it will be available for replay any time after at the same site.

Join in. Add your voice!

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