Cape Town-Aachen joint edition of the Mayor’s Portfolio of Urban Sustainability launched; features two projects of the SA Urban Food and Farming Trust

Thursday 24 June 2021, the City of Cape Town and the City of Aachen launched the joint edition of the Mayor’s Portfolio of Urban Sustainability to mark the 20th anniversary of the Aachen–Cape Town LA21 Partnership. The publication seeks to inspire and support urban responses to sustainability challenges for the benefit of communities and the environment. The 22 projects profiled are either a collaboration between the sister cities, or projects of mutual interest or highlight similar approaches. Each closely aligns with one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contributes to the growing body of knowledge and practice with regards to urban sustainability.

The outreach work of the Oranjezicht City Farm was profiled in the Portfolio, specifically acknowledging and highlighting the SA Urban Food and Farming Trust’s years of work “to support collaborative urban food gardens, social farms and markets in order to strengthen and build intra- and intercommunity social cohesion, improve household food and nutrition security, and conserve and protect natural urban ecosystems.” Attention was also drawn to the Trust’s development of innovative models with the potential to create leverage and to scale for increased beneficial impact.

The SA Urban Food and Farming Trust was also central to and co-host of the Good Hope Lab project, profiled in the Portfolio, which “explored the potential of urban farming as a catalyst for sustainable development and social cohesion in Cape Town.” The project was conceived in collaboration with three universities “following the success of the Oranjezicht City Farm, a well-developed urban farming project in Cape Town, the SAUFF Trust sought to develop a Good Hope City Farm at the Good Hope Seminary Junior School in Vredehoek (Cape Town, South Africa). Coordinators of the university collaboration recognised this as an excellent opportunity to study the role of urban agriculture for collective action at a school, neighbourhood and city scale.”

Further information about the Portfolio: City of Cape Town media release

Cape Town-Aachen Mayor’s Portfolio of Urban Sustainability: Download [pdf]

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