Food Dialogues is hosted by the SA Urban Food & Farming Trust with co-host and sponsor SOLVE@Waterfront.

Co-sponsored by the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security, event partners include the Western Cape Economic Development PartnershipAfrican Centre for Cities, the Southern Africa Food LabThe Oranjezicht City Farm MarketBertha HousePhilippi VillageCity of Cape TownWestern Cape Government and Derrick Integrated Communications.

SA Urban Food & Farming Trust


We support collaborative urban food gardens, social farms, agri-food hubs and markets to build socially, ecologically and economically resilient communities in cities.

SOLVE @ Waterfront

Co-Host and Sponsor

SOLVE@Waterfront was created to foster innovative and creative solutions to a diverse array of problems. SOLVE has created clusters of entrepreneurs and big thinkers who work together to solve a range of issues from a just food system to ocean sustainability. It was launched in 2021 in efforts to rebuild Cape Town post-pandemic in a more ethical and sustainable way. SOLVE takes a systems approach and brings together waterfront vendors to tackle big questions and ideas.

DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security


The DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security attempts to tackle South Africa’s triple blight of malnutrition which causes underweight, malnourished and overweight communities. The center tackles these issues by taking innovative research approaches. It was launched in 2014 with a goal of better understanding the causes of malnutrition and food insecurity by bringing together over 100 international researchers to tackle these issues. It is co-hosted by the University of the Western Cape and the University of Pretoria.

African Centre for Cities


The African Centre for Cities is an interdisciplinary hub at UCT focusing on urban design and sustainable urban futures. They tackle issues such as food security, climate change adaptation and economic inequality and conduct collaborative research focused on urban planning and structure. The ACC recognizes that “95% of urban growth between now and 2050 will take place in Africa and Asia” and thus, it is their responsibility to throughtfully consider answers to urban plights.

City of Cape Town


We have partnered with the City of Cape Town to highlight the diversity and creativity of this community and to provide a lens to issues and potential improvements in our local food system. As Cape Town continues to develop and expand in a post-pandemic era, we must consider the sustainability, ethics and impact of our urban expansion and development.

Western Cape Government


The Western Cape Government protects and provides for communities in the Western Cape.

WC Economic Development Partnership


The WC Economic Development Partnership is a non-profit company seeking to improve the economic development of communities in the Western Cape. They work to bring together leaders in all different business sectors and tackle complex economic challenges together.

Philippi Village


Philippi Village is a community-building hub located in Philippi, South Africa which is an area located in the Cape Flats. It hosts a diverse array of business events and encourages personal and entrepreneurial development for its local community. They also host a wide array of creative and enriching events like sports activities, art exhibitions, educational outreaches and recreational activities for the Philippi community. Their overarching goal is to create employment and support entrepreneurs in their local community.

Bertha House


Bertha House is a community gathering space, activist hub and physical resource site for people making a difference in their community. They welcome activists, storytellers, students, educators, artists and anyone to their site in Cape Town’s Mowbray neighborhood. They are managed by the Bertha Foundation which is an international human rights organization.

OZCF Market


Established in 2013 adjacent to the Oranjezicht City Farm, this farmers market relocated in 2014 and is in Granger Bay within the V&A Waterfront precinct. It was developed as a community market for independent local farmers and artisanal food producers and has grown into the largest market of its kind supporting over 40 local small farmers and 80 artisanal food traders employing over 300 staff, with from 8000 to 12000 people visiting each weekend. The market plays a key role in consumer awareness about the local food system among more affluent Cape Town residents and visitors, and is a leader in innovative retailing practices to reduce food waste, packaging and plastic use. The infrastructure and logistical capabilities of the market are used to support farmers with market access to other restaurant and retail customers in the city. It also provides a range of business development support and mentoring for the artisanal food traders operating their small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. The market has received multiple awards, including being named a top 20 farmer’s market worldwide by The Independent (UK).

Southern Africa Food Lab


The SA Food Lab seeks to create dialogue and engagement between the civil society, government and private society in order to tackle issues of malnutrition and food security. They work to create a platform for these different groups to engage and collaborate and decrease the fragmentation of our food system.

Derrick Integrated Communications


Derrick aims to rethink how businesses expand and develop and find solutions that are both creative and sustainable. They are an advertising and design agency founded on the idea of a triple bottom line which encourages businesses to consider their social and environmental impact in addition to their financial profit and success. They aim for solutions that are “relevant, insightful, sustainable and effective”.

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