About Food Dialogues

Food Dialogues is an annual programme of talks and events that focus on the food system. First hosted in 2014, sessions bring together a wide range of speakers involved in shaping the food system, providing an opportunity for food growers, academics, activists, writers, nutritionists, policy makers, food lovers and anyone interested in meaningful change to engage in key issues intimately connected to the food we eat and the future of food, with the goal of fostering a healthier, more resilient and just food system. Cooking, sharing and eating food also form important elements, while arts exhibitions and tours diversify the approaches and introduce aspects of celebration and commemoration. While grounded in dialogue, these gatherings are designed to improve, provoke and further actions taken in the real world.

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Food Dialogues Vision

Food Dialogues is a facilitated, multi-stakeholder programme designed to help bring under-represented and marginalised voices to the discussion of food system issues in any city, to deepen understanding of the issues and opportunities within the food system and foster mutual understanding among diverse stakeholders, to support identification of a set of common priorities, facilitate ongoing collaboration and encourage establishment of appropriate institutional structures to support improved food system governance and accelerate positive change of food systems.

The stakeholders participating in a Food Dialogue can also opt in to a more or less formal structure appropriate to the time and need of the particular city to continue the engagement beyond the dates of the programme itself. This might take the form of a Food Knowledge Network, a Local Food Alliance, a Local Food Forum, or lead to formation of a Food Policy Council or similar entity.

The Food Dialogues virtual platform is scalable and allows multiple city-region food systems to make use of it independently to suit their own circumstances and priorities. Discussions are underway with a number of city networks, international NGOs and municipalities regarding future Food Dialogues events.

For more information, or to explore the possibilities for your city, email hello@fooddialogues.info