Food Dialogues 2020

Food Dialogues 2020 Speakers and Moderators

Food Dialogues 2020

Food Dialogues: Cape Town 2020 was a virtual event hosted from 20 July – 14 August 2020 at 23 speakers from diverse perspectives engaged with 5 moderators and 892 registered participants to produce over 16 hours of recorded dialogue about our food system. The focus was on the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had and will have on Cape Town’s food system, unpacking what has been revealed about our food system; what the state of our food system is at present; what changes have been made, are underway, and are planned that impact our food system; and what futures our food system might develop into. It was an opportunity after the initial shock of the pandemic and lockdown to assess the situation, the response, and the way forward with our food system.

Produced by the SA Urban Food & Farming Trust, with sponsorship from the SA Centre of Excellence in Food Security and the DG Murray Trust, in partnership with the African Centre for Cities, Oribi Village, the City of Cape Town, ICLEI Africa and Derrick.

The full 16 hours of recorded engagements are available for viewing on the Food Dialogues YouTube channel.

Highlights from each of the five themes of the event are also available on the channel and at the links below:

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Food Dialogues Report

The Food Dialogues Report 2020 was launched on World Food Day, Friday 16 October 2020. Follow information about the Report across social media on Facebook, Instagram: @food_dialogues, Twitter: @food_dialogues, and LinkedIn.

The Report weaves together common threads from the wide range of speakers, topics, themes, and talks that were part of the Food Dialogues event. It elevates the deep insights reached in the dialogues, and consolidates the diverse and varied perspectives and recommendations offered throughout the engagement. It is a resource that others can draw upon for guidance in shaping policies, activism, projects, and programmes to make a difference in our food system.

Download the Report.

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