Food Dialogues 2014

Food Dialogues 2014

In 2014, The Oranjezicht City Farm first conceived of and produced a 10-part series on the food system in Cape Town called the Food Dialogues. This series was a platform for sharing ideas about creating a healthier, more conscious and just food system in the Mother City.

Food Dialogues sessions brought together a wide range of speakers involved in shaping the food system, providing an opportunity for food growers, academics, activists, writers, nutritionists, food lovers and anyone interested in a sustainable approach to engage in key issues intimately connected to the food we eat and the future of food in Cape Town.

The proceedings were edited into the Food Dialogues Report by award-winning South African science writer, Leonie Joubert, author of The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa’s Cities and Tomatoes & Taxi Ranks: Running our Cities to Fill the Food Gap. The Report draws out the narratives, extracts the themes expressed by the various speakers, and unpacks opportunities and ideas that emerged as trends through the discussions. The report was workshopped with the Food Dialogues presenters, through a Cape Town Partnership Green Clusters event, and is published by the Oranjezicht City Farm, with support from the Cape Town Partnership.

Launched on World Food Day 2014, the Food Dialogues Report is packed with local insight and recommendations for action, and is essential reading for anyone who cares about food, nutrition, public health, food security, urban planning, environmental issues and the state of our Mother City.

Download the full report [ hi-res | web ].

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